Summer by Selander

Photo: Magnus Selander

Usually I love living in Norway beacuse of the changing seasons: the (sometimes) warm summers and the crisp, white winters. Maybe it´s because I have a cold and because the bump makes it harder to go skiing (and because the baby´s ETA is this spring), but this year I just cant´t wait for warmer weather. If you feel the same way: have a look at Swedish photographer Magnus Selander´s great summer pics ...ahhh!


  1. I adore that dining space! It feels like winter has barely got started here in Toronto - we haven't had a really heavy snow as yet. Still, give me a few more weeks and I'll be craving Spring too!

  2. Me too, I cant wait for the warmer weather!
    And when it comes, I want the houseboat from the first photo of this post.
    What a charming blog you have:)