Our tiny guestroom

Photo: Scandinavian Retreat

This is our tiny guest room (= where we store all our luggage), and where our daughter will sleep from next year. Haven´t really showed it to you because it´s not much to see, and we never seem to get it quite done. Anyway: blanket from my mother in law, wonderful new fragrance, Beach Walk from Margiela, with a smell of summer (really need that in Norway this year), old nightstand and still no curtains. I kind of like it anyway.


Home of a photographer

Photo: Jakob Nylund via Ideas To Steal

Home of Swedish photographer Jakob Nylund. Really like all his cool lamps - and the wall of pictures!


New mobile

This is where my daughter sleeps when we´re at the cabin. Just wanted to show you her new mobile, just as nice for grown ups. It´s the Themis mobile, a geometric mobile in paper, by Swedish designer Clara von Zweigbergk


Sara and Kristian´s home

Photo: Dosfamily

From Dos Family: Sara is a nurse and Kristian is a woodshop teacher and they live in an apartment in Malmö with their kids Vira and Frank . The home has a white base with a touch of pink pastels and black. More here


Nice house, nice chairs

 Photo : Line Thit Klein, styling Helen Wiggers via Stylefiles

Love all the pretty chairs in this house!


Touch of colour

Photo: Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer/via Interiormagasinet
This is the lovely apartment of Danish jewellery designer Stine A. Johansen via Style Files


Basic family living

Photo: Charlotte Schmidt Olsen/ House of Pictures

Line and Brian has renovated this barn for 2 years, and I must say they have done a good job. Love the built in bench by the diningtable. From amazing House of Pictures, more here

Kaj Bojesen

I guess you´ve all seen this little guy before, it´s Kay Bojesens teak monkey, designed in 1951. This one now lives in our cabin, but it was my grandfather, interior architect Torbjørn Afdal, who bought it in the 50ies. My daughter loves it!


Architects cabin

Photo: Nils Petter Dale/Bonytt

I really like this simple wooden cabin, owned by a Norwegian couple, both architects. Read more about it here


Cabinet from the cabin

More details from the cabin: We got this cabinet second hand on finn.no I guess we´ll eventually hang some pictures on the wall above it, but for now it works like this. Sometimes I regret making the cabin to shabby chic-ish, but our new home will be the complete opposite, so its nice having this white little house in the holidays.


Cabin diningtable

I got this table when my grandmother died. It brings my father good childhood memories and I´m so glad we can use it in our cabin - and create new memories of our own. You´ve might seen it before on my blog, but here is a few new shots. And as you can see we got curtains now... thanks to my mum. (The picture is from OsloArt, chairs Eames, lamp from old owners.) We are planning to build a new bench in the corner next time we go, the bench we use now is for the garden.