Merry Christmas!

Photo: Hus&Hem

White Christmas home from Hus&Hem, located in Jonsered in Sweden.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Handmade home

Photo: Morten Holtum

I know nothing about this home, found here through desire to inspire, but I think it might be in Finland?



Danish house

Photo: Bjarni B. Jacobsen/Pure Public.dk

Danish house from Pure Public: "Instead of buying a new house when the family needed more space they decided to have an architect company design and build 79m2 more to the house. The upper part of the house was extended to make room for a new bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. Between the two buildings a new big dining room was built with a glass part from floor to ceiling."


Danish country home

Photo: Andreas Mikkel Hansen/Bo Bedre

The owner of this Danish house works for Norm Architects. Not hard to spot maybe?