From summer house to family home

Photo: fri.dk

Another great house from fri.dk, located in Nordsjælland, Denmark. The house was built in 1917, and is a former summer hous transformed into a modern family home. More here

Have a great weekend!


Karlsen summer house

Photo: Lars Ranek/
Indenfor & Udenfor Gallery

Just a little bit bigger than our summer house... More pictures here


An old carpenter´s shop

Photo: Søren Kirkegaard/Indenfor & Udenfor Gallery

Great Danish interiors, located on Vesterbro in Copenhagen in an old carpenter´s shop, from Indenfor & Udenfor Gallery


Grey family home

Photo: Hus & Hem

Swedish familyhome by architects Gisteråsjöstrand Arkitektur AB, located outside Östersund. The facade is treated with jernvitriol (sorry, can´t find the English word for it!), and has that nice grey colour I hope our cabin will get one day too...



Wood & Wool

Photo: Bloesom

I found this house tour through the great blog Bloesom. It´s the home of Ingrid Jansen from Wood & Wool Stool. Have a great weekend!

Eco friendly house

Photo: Martin Dyrløv/BoBedre

This Danish family home from BoBedre is situated in Århus. It´s part of a green housing project that is both energy and climate neutral, called Home for Life. Read more about the project here


Photograph:Trine Thorsen II

Photo: Trine Thorsen

If you haven´t done it allready: check out Norwegian photographer Trine Thorsen´s portfolio. It was hard to choose what to show you!

See more of her photos in this post from last August.

Update: in December 2013 she had a photo shoot in our home! See the result here