"New" lamp from the old owners

Photo: My Scandinavian Retreat

Over Christmas, we also fixed this old lamp over the dining table. We got it from the last owner, we just had to remove some vegetable-stickers (?) and get a new cord (a stoffledning, don´t know the English word for it?). We ordered the cord from this danish site.

The beautiful old table is from my grandmother, Liv. We got the black and white photo by American Bob Robinson, called Boy in Fjord, from osloart. It was taken in a Norwegian fjord sometimes in the 50ies.

Have a look at the before-pictures to see the how the lamp used to be.


  1. Oh my. Gorgeous.

    I just clicked trough to the before. YIKES!!! This is an amazing transformation. I LOVE it and I'm dying with jealousy over your views.

    Great job!

  2. Så fint dere får det. Utgangspunktet var heller... eh... overveldende...Takk for linken til siden man kan bestille lameledning! Den kommer jeg til å benytte meg av.

  3. Jeg gjentar meg selv, dere har fått det så fint! Flott lampe.

  4. Nydelig hytte altså! Veldig inspirerende!

  5. I love the lamp! It has such a great shape! We are thinking of doing that with our dining table, and I am happy with how the light quality worked out with yours!

    I have been looking for cord like that too! I wish I could read the site, maybe I will try to order it!!!