Happy new year from the cabin!

Photo: My Scandinavian Retreat

Me and my handy man enjoyed a few (cold) days in our summer cabin this holiday - working with the daybed amongst other things. Look how nice it turned out! We still have a few things left, like pillowcases and painting of the shelves, but it works just fine.
This is what inspired us to make the daybed in the first place. Thank you!

We´ve also bought this Ikea-chair, maybe not a beauty - but very comfortable (see how my handy man relax in it)!

Happy new year everyone! I haven´t been a very good blogger lately, to much happening in real life, but I promise to do better in 2010.


  1. I wish you a very best New Year , full of small and bigger joys, restings in cabins included as mush as possible! Cosy, cosy.
    Best regards from Slovenija

  2. Godt nyttår! Det er blitt flott på hytta di, kunne godt ha flytta rett inn!:)

  3. Thank you! Happy new year in Slovenija :)

    Og takk Bebe, men ikke la de bildene lure deg... Vi har ikke vann om vintern, og det er ganske kaldt ute på dobøtta nå - så jeg ville ha ventet med å flytte inn til vi er ferdig med badet ;)

  4. Så fint dere får det! Jeg gleder meg fremdeles til å følge deg videre.

  5. Knallflott!
    Godt nyttår :-)

  6. Happy New Year! The light in the top image is absolutely stunning!

  7. What is it about men and these Ikea chairs?Lol!
    My 'handyman' insisted on getting one...BUT they are comfortable just not very attractive to look at. Your cabin is absolutely wonderful I just keep on discovering more things on your blog flicking through.
    You must be very proud.
    Ooh and btw I will upload pictures on Monday of my project ALMOST finished...
    Have a great weekend
    Julie x