Danish flat

Photo: Torben Petersen/Bolig Magasinet

Love this Danish flat from Bolig Magasinet


Summer house by studiomama

Photo: studiomama/Ben Anderson

The pallet chair on the first and last picture is one of many cool and green things designed by studiomama. On their webpage you can even buy the instructions on how to make it! I found studiomama through the Norwegian blog norsk stil. Photo Ben Andersen, see his portfolio here


The hermits cabin

Photo: scandinaviandesign.com

I´m sure you have seen this small cabin in the blogosphere before, but I love Eremitens Koja so much that I still have to show it to you. It´s avaliable from Swedish Arvesund in two sizes. This is what the creator, Mats Theselius, says about his work: ”Most people probably associate hermit living with mysticism and religion. But that is wrong. It’s rather about challenging the hectic city life and taking a natural step back. I want to show the possibilities to escape the urban life for a while. The cabin provokes questions around individuals versus society, and man’s need of solitude. For that reason we have filled the cabin with the few things you need. Here you can eat, sleep, read or just do nothing at all.”

Swedish summer house by CKR

Photo: ckr.se

Love this Swedish summer house by architects Claesson Koivisto Rune, they might just be my favourite architects at the moment!


Below the clouds

Photo: Below the Clouds

Below the Clouds is an absolutely fantastic webpage, with architecture, design, art and lots more. This Danish summer house, drawn by arcitects C.F. Møller, is just one of the great things you can find here . The facades and roof are entierly of wood, I think it is Siberian larch - our cabin will eventually get the same look.


Swedish retreat

Foto: Martin Löf

This beautiful and original Swedish cottage makes me a little jealous. But only a little, I love my tiny cabinn!


Danish inspiration

Photo: Mathias Nero

I wish I had more pictures of this summer house in Dalnarna, Sweden, it is so beautiful. The house is designed by architect Maria Masgård, as a gift for her father. What a lucky guy! Go get the latest issue of Swedish magazine Residence to read more about it!