South African Beach House

Through Emmas Designblog I found Frank Features, a South African-based editorial content agency, check out their great portfolio here

One of the houses they are showing is this beach house, in the small coastal town of Onrus in the Western Cape. "Part beach house, part indigenous wilderness, part creative eco-laboratory - this wood and concrete home is rooted in its surroundings with a seamless flow of space between indoors and out. "


Interiors from Ifra Lahell

Photo: Ifra Lahell

I had a hard time finding interiors to show you today, so let me introduce you to another Norwegian blog, called Ifra Lahell - where I´m sure you´ll find inspirational pictures of both interior and design. These photos are from her home, nice?

I would also like to say a warm thank you to Janne, from Nenna bloggen, for mentioning me as one of her favourites in blogland in a Norwegian newspaper called Tønsberg Blad.


I´m on klikk´s blog list!

I´m on klikk.no´s list of best interior blogs. Thanks! Read more (in Norwegian) here


Colourful villa in Odense

Photo: Bjarne B. Jacobsen/boligmagasinet.no

It´s monday and it´s pretty cold in Norway. Need some warm colours in your life? Have a look at this familyhome in Odense!


A clothing designer´s home

Photo: happyliving.dk/boligmagasinet

This house in Hellerup north of Copenhagen belongs to Kamilla Byriel, the woman behind Danish clothingbrand Stella Nova


White on white in Copenhagen

Photo: Sven Berggren/boligmagasinet

You might see that this is the home of two designers (and their twins)? This flat from boligmagasinet used to be a raw office, but after three months of hard work the family could move in to their dreamhome.


Our flat: The nursery I

Photo: scandinavian retreat

We are still working on the nursery, but here is a sneak peak. Excuse the bad pics - when the room is all done I´ll work on getting you some really good ones.

As you can see from the before-photos this used to be our guest room, with a lot of dark colors. We´ve used the same furniture, just changed the lay out of the room and used a little wallpaper and paint. The only new piece of furniture is actually the small bed.

We still need to do a few things, like finish the wall with the posters, paint the bed (it´s still orange under the bedspread...), get a few new lamps and some more toys. Luckily we still got a few months until ETA!

Our flat: Before-pictures

This blog was supposed to be all about summer houses, but as you might know: the winter is long in Norway! That´s why I thought I might show you what we are working on at the moment: the nursery and the master bedroom in our flat in Oslo.

This is the before-pictures of the old guest room (last photo) and our bedroom (top two photos) - it used to be quite nice, but we didn´t have any storage room at all!

To be continued...