Interiors from Ifra Lahell

Photo: Ifra Lahell

I had a hard time finding interiors to show you today, so let me introduce you to another Norwegian blog, called Ifra Lahell - where I´m sure you´ll find inspirational pictures of both interior and design. These photos are from her home, nice?

I would also like to say a warm thank you to Janne, from Nenna bloggen, for mentioning me as one of her favourites in blogland in a Norwegian newspaper called Tønsberg Blad.


  1. I love the shiny black painted stairs, with that tiny flower poking up from the baseboard.

  2. She has amazing taste, and so do you. Thanks for showing these and leading us to her.

  3. Congratulations on the newspaper mention! And I want that orange crib!

  4. Ha! I love the writing on the bed spread (duvet cover?), quite original! Congrats on the mention in the newspaper!

    Caroline of Red Glasses

  5. i love those shiny black stairs!