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Photo: My Scandinavian Retreat

The windows has arrived! And the fascade is beginning to look as planned - it just need a few years to turn grey... This is Norwegian wood - but it will turn grey the same way Siberian Larch does.


Summer house in Grotto Bay

Photo: insidehomepage.com

Love the use of recycled wood in this summer house just outside Cape Town. See more great cottages and sommer houses on insidehomepage.com


Small Danish cottage

Photo: Sköna Hem

Cute little cottage in Copenhagen, from Sköna Hem

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Another Kiwi summer house

Photo: Taverne Agency

Check out this and many amazing houses and interiors on Taverne Agency

Swedish island house

Photo: WRB

This summer house is designed by Swedish architects Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff. It is situated on a waterfront property on an island not to far from Stockholm. The owners (a young family) wanted a house that took full advantage of the scenic ocean view. Read more about it here


Danish private residence

Love this home by Danish architects C.F. Møller, especially the tall book shelf!

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Summer house in rough nature

Photo: Tim Bjørn

Danish summer house featured in Bo Bedre, designed by owner Poul Fræhr. Read more here


Back to Sweden

From English Muse: "The design of this charming Swedish summer home — by the architects Thomas Sandell and Anders Landstrom — was based on the classic wooden house of Scandinavian architecture. Built according to traditional methods of construction, its roughly squared logs were slotted together by tenon and mortise joints - not a nail or screw was used in the entire house.. This lovely home is a relaxed place to while away the long Swedish summers."

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Two summer houses in New Zealand

Photo: Karina Tengberg

These two summer houses are located in New Zealand, but I still think they have kind of a Scandinavian style. Air and light and simple lines. Love the outdoor shower!

Swedish summer house

Not exactly the interiorstyle I want in my cabin, but still - really nice!