Photo: Finn.no

It all started with this cabin, that me and my handyman bought in April 2009. It´s situated on a rocky hill on the Norwegian coast, 50 metres from the sea. It has a spectacular view over the ocean, but inside it looked like time stopped in the early 70ies. We wanted to transform it into a modern, Scandinavian cabin - with a small budget, but with a will to do a lot ourselves. 

We are now taking on our next big project and are building our dream home outside Oslo. This time with the help of architects and contractors, thank good. On this blog you can follow the process and read about everything that inspires me. 



  1. Oi, oi, oi. For et vanvittig psykedelisk interiør. Skjønner godt at du vil ha det lyst og luftig her ja.

    Hilsen Sol

  2. Wow, her så det jo ikke ut.
    Så flinke dere har vært

  3. Just got through reading right back to the start and i can't believe your house used to look like this! I'm truly addicted and wish you would post two times a day. I can't get enough! I have put some of my favourite pics from your site on my blog to check back on in the future. Keep posting! I can't keep away! x

  4. Wow!! Absolutely, just, WOW! I stumbled upon this blog through Apartment Therapy and was fascinated by your collection of truly beautiful Scandinavian interiors.

    And then I started looking at the pictures of your cabin. "Hmmm," I thought, "this doesn't look so bad at all. In fact, it's very very nice!" And that's when I clicked the link to the cabin's original state... Oh my Lord! The difference! Now I can truly appreciate everything you've done to improve it!

    This is a *wonderful* job! I'm sure there's still a million things you'd like to change, but God in heaven, the change is absolutely striking. Hearty congratulations to you, and kudos for doing all this with a baby on the way and later, baby in tow! This is quite an accomplishment. :)

    in Montreal

  5. Thank you, Violette!

    You really made my day with your kind words. (And my boyfriends, who´s worked a lot harder with it than me the last year....). It´s finally spring in Norway, so we´ll take our first trip to the cabin this weekend. Can´t wait!

    Thanks again, and hope to see you back here again soon.


  6. I love your blog ! It is very inspiring !

    Anne from France