Danish classic

Photo: Camilla Stephen/boligmagasinet.dk

Love the design classics and all the books in this Danish home.


Our house: Longing for spring

Photo: scandinavian retreat

Some snaps from our house, all from instagram. Make sure to follow me:@scandinavianretreat


House Morran

Had to repost this cool cabin, as I came across some new photos. It is located on an island outside Gothenburg. Architect: Johannes Norlander Arkitektur AB. All photos by Rasmus Norlander


Finish Tower Rotsee

Photo:Valentin Jeck via europaconcorsi

Love the first pic! And with some furniture, this place would be so wonderful. The architects behind it is Andreas Fuhrimann and Gabrielle Hächler. More here


Our house: Winter wonderland

Photo: scandinavian retreat

Some snaps from our house on an amazing snowy day, it was like being in a snow globe. They are all from the first floor, where all the walls in the main rooms are painted black. And they`re all from instagram... make sure to follow me there too: @scandinavianretreat


Hideg House

Photo: Tamás Bujnovszky

The built in veranda and the bathroom is amazing in this house, designed by Bères Architects and situated in Hungary. More here


Toronto home

Photo: Derek Shapton

How nice is this warm Toronto home? The owners of Mjölk designshop lives here. More on dwell



Holiday House Vindö

Photo: Hannes Söderlund

Another great house by Stockholm based architects Max Holst Arkitekt, I´ve made a post about another  one here This one is located on Vindö, an island in the Stockholm archipelago. More here


Home of Holscher

Photo: Nytt Rom/New Scandinavian Rooms

How amazing is this house? It´s the home of Danish architect Knut Holscher, located in Denmark. Read more about it in Norwegian magazine Nytt Room/New Scandinavian Rooms, actually one of my favourite magazines.