Our bathroom: Mora Armatur

Photo: Trine Thorsen/Mora Armatur

All the faucets in our new house is by Mora Armatur, and I must say we´re really happy with the choice. Before christmas I had a great day with Mora and the lovely photographer Trine Thorsen and stylist Kirsten Visdal, taking photos in our home. This is our downstairs bathroom, I´ll show you the other rooms in later posts.

I´ve had a long blogbreak, but now I´ll try to keep it up again. Follow me on instagram if you miss my posts ;)


  1. You absolutely have a stunning bathroom, very nice!

  2. Oh, I really like your bathroom! May I ask what is the wall behind the bathtub?

  3. Wow, nice color combination and that wooden stool. Where is it from if I may ask?

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