Cottage KML Design

KML Design/Stuart McIntyre

Don´t know much about this cottage, but it´s probably Danish and from the great KML Design


Old fishermans home

Photo: Hus&Hem/Peter Carlsson

This Swedish summer house is originally from 1820, but is as you can see carefully renovated. More here


Light and airy in Sweden

Photo: Johan Lindvall/Hus&Hem

You might see that the owner of this Swedish home works at IKEA? Nice house, guess I have to colour match my laundry now...

More here



Photo: Andreas Mikkel Hansen/Bo Bedre

This summer house is located in Horsnes/Denmark, designed by the owners and GinnerupArkitekter. More here


Less is more

Photo: Christer Vallstrand/Hus&Hem

Why go big when you get all you need on 48 kvm? This summer house is located on Gotland/Sweden. More here

We currently live in a 42 kvm flat, I do miss some storage space, but other than that we are quite happy.


Modern summer house

Photo: Peter Carlsson/Hus&Hem

Swedish summer house located in Skåne, by architect Gunilla Svensson. Love the many outdoor areas. More here


Norwegian concrete

Photo: Maria Reme/Bo Bedre

I like the use of concrete in this Norwegian home, from Bo Bedre. Maybe something for our new house? Designed by architect Ole Johan Dolva, located in Lyngdal/Norway.


David Carlsons home

Photo: Hus&Hem

Swedish familyhome in Falsterbo, from 1901! Home of David Carlson and his family. More here