Hello again

Photo: Bo Bedre/Case Study

Long time, no see... I´m back and I´ll promise to do better from now on.

Hope you all had (and still have?) a great summer. This cabin is from Bo Bedre


  1. Oh, welcome back! Everything alright up there? I was looking forward to read you again.

    (I was thinking on asking: did you sell your home? bought a new one? are you sharing pics? but spelling it out just sounds so nosy... and I just meant it like: hey! great to see you again!)

  2. beyond wonderful!

    p.s.: welcome back

  3. like a dream!

    look forward to see more from you :)

  4. Hi - welcome back! So good to "see" you again!

  5. Välkommen tillbaka, har saknat dina inlägg.

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Julia, we sold our Oslo-flat in june and has been living in boxes ever since ;) We spent summer in the US and in our cabin, but now we´ve finally moved into a small rental flat, where we´ll live until our house is built. I´ll share some photos when we start buliding, and maybe some from our flat too, it´s small but kind of nice :) We just have to get settled first.

    NIce to see you all again.


  7. I was wondering how you and your family were doing.It's good to see you on here again!

  8. Love this cabin. Could you share the floorplan? Are the architectural plans available for purchase?