Photograph: Lindman

Photo: Lindman

I`ve had a post with this cool Swedish summer house by Sandell Sandberg before, but I just found a few new photos I had to show you.


Prefab from CKR

This house, not far from Stockholm, is Swedish architecture firm Claesson Koivisto Rune`s first completed prefabricated house: "The Plus House—named for the perpendicular trajectories of light and air that pass through on the top and bottom floors—is one in a series of architect-designed homes commissioned by Arkitekthus". Read more here



Photo: Vårt Nya Hem/Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer

Hmm, wish I lived in Rejkavik and had my own spa, like in this cool house from Vårt Nya Hem.



Colori del nord

Photo: Hotze Eisma/Living Inside

Nice Northern Calm from Italian Marie Claire via automatism. More here