Melbourne apartment

Photo: Sharyn Cairns

Love this home on the top floor of an old Melbourne, by architect Steven Whiting. More on TheDesignerPad


Cabin Skåtøy

Photo: hlm arkitektur

Amazing Norwegian cabin, located in Skåtøy in Bergen. By hlm arkitekter, more here


Concrete and more concrete

Photo: Hannes Henz

Can one have too much concrete? Not according to the  creators of this house, architects Wepsi de Meuron. I think the spartan looks works, you don´t need much when you got that view... The house is located on a steep slope in Sant Abbondino, Switzerland. More on the contemporist


Lightbox Melbourne

A small single storey terrace house in Melbourne, by architect Edwards Moore. Loving the marble kitchen... And again, sorry for being a poor blogger. I´ll be back!


Portable Home

Photo: Juan Baraja

What about a concrete portable home? Spanish ABÁTON had designed this little beauty. More on thisispaper


Connecticut cottage

Photo: Mark Mahaney

Found this cottage on dwell, it´s not located in Scandinavia, but in Connecticut. Do you have any tips on where to find more Scandinavian houses? Feel like I ran out of Nordic places to show, but guess I just have to find new sites to browse. Still, the world is full of great homes, like this one by Grey Organschi Architects


Our house: We´re in, for real!

Photo: Scandinavian Retreat on instagram

We´re in! We´ve actually spent 3 nights in our new house, and I got to say I love it so far. We even have a laundry room, the bench is made of corian and the faucet is from Mora. Make sure to follow me on instagram for more updates. Have a great sunday!