Concrete and more concrete

Photo: Hannes Henz

Can one have too much concrete? Not according to the  creators of this house, architects Wepsi de Meuron. I think the spartan looks works, you don´t need much when you got that view... The house is located on a steep slope in Sant Abbondino, Switzerland. More on the contemporist


  1. While the house looks neat and nice from the inside the question is, how well does it integrate with its surroundings and if "communicates" with the history, culture and style of the buildings around. Knowing the zone where this building stands very well, I personally feel, it doesn't do any of that. Good architecture for me is not simply designing something new, contemporary and trendy, but being able to innovate on the bases of what are the local requirements, traditions and styles, which is more difficult. But otherwise, you end up with a wild mix of buildings of different epocas thrown together with no link to the particularity of the zone at all.

    1. I don´t know the area, so I don´t know how it works with it´s surroundings, but personally I think this is a beautiful house. Mixing buildings from different epocas could work, as long as the new houses are carefully designed and not too dominating. Again, I don´t know how this house fits in, as I have know knowledge of the area.

    2. i bottai if that's what you think good architecture is, you clearly don't know what good architecture is. Good architecture is as much about challenging what we believe as it is embracing history. A house doesn't need to be a product of its time, place, or cultural geography. A well-designed house exists to express an idea, and a rejection of or an alternative to tradition is as much as an idea as any other architectural concept. A great deal of thought was put into crafting beautiful spaces in this house, which you are so quick to dismiss as "designing something new, contemporary, and trendy," while you fixate on whether the house looks exactly like every other house around it. You're exactly the kind of person who shouldn't be designing buildings.

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