Prefab from CKR

This house, not far from Stockholm, is Swedish architecture firm Claesson Koivisto Rune`s first completed prefabricated house: "The Plus House—named for the perpendicular trajectories of light and air that pass through on the top and bottom floors—is one in a series of architect-designed homes commissioned by Arkitekthus". Read more here


  1. It looks so cook.. I like that there are so many windows and open spaces.. And gosh the stairs are beautiful :)


  2. It looks so airy, sleek and elegant. When can I move in? ;-)

  3. so nice for a prefab!!!! i'd like to live there....xoxo

  4. Really...I would LOVe this prefab home...
    A HAPPY Spring to you my dear!

  5. So beautiful... I like this house. It's always a pleasure to discover your post :)

  6. So light and airy. I could live here very easily x

  7. It's hard to believe it's prefab. I like it for so many reasons, then!

  8. Oh this is GORGEOUS!! I love it. Would love to live IN it! :)

  9. Wow, this house is definitely my type. Minimal furnitures, wide-spaced bright room and energy efficient. I love the stair, it seems like floating between those white walls, so genuine.

  10. like the living room!


  11. For more information about the house, Arkitekthus and CKR visit us at Tullhus 3 Skeppsbron Stockholm. I promise you a cup of coffe if you drop by.

  12. Oh dette er skjønn! Jeg elsker det. Lyst til å leve i det! :) Takk for deling alt dette. ferdighus

  13. So Nice Prefab House. Its like a dream house and its looking like that it is full of peace and comfort.
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  14. this prefab house interior are wonderful and cost effective price.

  15. I don't have words for the beauty of this house. Simply beautiful.

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