A bed with a view

Photo: My Scandinavian Retreat

Look at the view from our bed! My handy man built this bed in a few hours last weekend. The bed is pretty tall, so that we can wake up to enjoy the view - and get storage-room. Now it just needs a handle/lock of some kind and a little paint. And we need curtains, a bedspread and a higher night stand...


  1. fine bilder-må være fantastisk å våkne midt i utsikten hver dag:)
    varme januarklemmer ♥

  2. your place is looking absolutely amazing! so inspiring.

  3. It is looking so great, Pippi. That view is incredible.

  4. The light is fantastic. I envy your glorious view!

  5. I'm green with envy, that is a stunning view!! Great idea to raise the bed for storage.

  6. beautiful bedroom in its simplicity and that view! love how cozy it all looks with the coffee on the window sill. new to your blog and loving it! can't wait to explore the archives!

  7. ÅÅÅÅ!! nydelig utsikt!! Herlig!!

    For en utrolig nydelig hytte! Mye god inspirasjon her:)


  8. Åh en sån inspirationsrik blogg du har!

    Jag bara ÄLSKAR tavlan "every day i love you"!

    Var finns den att få tag i?

    Kram Lena

  9. Heisann..
    Første gang jeg er inne hos deg ...men det er ikke siste gang det er sikkert!!
    Du har en kjempe fin blogg!!
    Kommer tilbake snart og følger med!!
    Legger meg til som følger jeg..
    Kom gjerne og bli med på Give Awayen min..
    Klæm Linda

  10. Wow!! That's beautiful, what a lovely way to wake up every morning!

  11. I adore your house...Lucky girl!!!!

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