Cabinet from the cabin

More details from the cabin: We got this cabinet second hand on finn.no I guess we´ll eventually hang some pictures on the wall above it, but for now it works like this. Sometimes I regret making the cabin to shabby chic-ish, but our new home will be the complete opposite, so its nice having this white little house in the holidays.


  1. I love your style and cabin, it looks so coz. Great inspiration, have Nice weekend

  2. I think it looks very welcoming, restful & inviting. It's nice to be able to work out a "summer house style" like this when you can do the opposite at home. It's very fresh with the white inside & the beautiful environment outside. Good luck & thanks for sharing :)

  3. Beautiful!


  4. All the custom closets are nicely designed and I respect the skills of that carpenter who made also remember the color of rooms. He made it perfectly with great color combination. I would like to suggest this with my father so they also fix these kind of custom closets in their newly constructed house. Hope they like my suggestion and implement it.