Swedish farm inspiration

Photo: Sköna Hem

A Swedish farm, situated in Skåne, from Sköna Hem. A lot of lovely light and air, and just a little bit more spacious than our cabin...


  1. Hi Pippi,

    Love the Swedish farm inspiration. I'm a residential architect in New England (US) who has an affinity for Scandinavian design (partly because I'm of Norwegian descent).

    Just wanted to drop you an email to let you know that I nominated your blog for an oh-so-prestigious MeMe award. Drop by House Enthusiast http://www.katiehutchison.com/house-enthusiast/web-tour-house-enthusiast-meme-nomination.html to pick it up, if you so desire.

    Also, you might be interested in a little buidling I designed that's a garage/garden room. Some say they can see a Norwegian influence in it. Here it is http://www.katiehutchison.com/manchester-garage-garden-room/view-manchester-garagegarden-room/.

  2. The best blog about scandinavian design!

  3. haha looks nice to me, I guess that this could be the farm of the future we just need some robots and would be perfect... ????^?&*?^% even that I guess that this place it's very nice and the colors are just perfect.