Danish Møn summer houses

These "fold out" summer houses are designed by Danish Møn Huset and comes in 10 different sices. Read more and down load the lay out here


  1. The ideas of progressive contemporary home camp and refuge spaces to live within have me just in awe of Scandinavian architects and designers and make me realize beyond a shadow of a doubt,That originality and contemporary were born in Europe !
    Please in english if possible send me a prefab builder who would deliver and set up in Northern Ontario Sudbury which looks exactly like the Scandinavian countryside and winters too !

    Contact Norbert

  2. These are the kind of summer houses I want to built because is the perfect excuse to going to vacation with my family specially because houses are comfortable.

  3. It is a beautiful and awesome house, looks very comfortable and the details are impressive.

  4. Hi everyone!

    Nice to read some positive words about our houses.
    If you want to see whats going on right now with Mønhuset you can check out our website and/or facebook profile at
    http://www.moenhuset.dk/ (Danish)

    Best regards
    Jonas Lynge Nielsen
    Constructing architect at Mønhuset