Our cabin is done...well almost!

Photo: My Scandinavian Retreat

Still a lot of work to do (painting!), but this is beginning to look like my dream cabin - at least like mye dream-cabin-on-a-budget.


  1. Så fint dere får det! Jeg gleder meg til å følge med.

  2. Hello!
    I often tako a look, but not too often, as I find it difficult to stay focused, after looking all that excellent landscape , architecture and pure beauty.Very stylish, your blog.Congratualtirons on you little piece of heaven and looking forward to accompanie you through putting irst pieces of furniture, etc .Enjoy and best regards from Slovenija

  3. I would almost like to give you a hug both of you, leaving such nice comments ;) Come back soon, I promise to keep ypu updatet. For now we don´t have any furniture expect for my grandmothers old table and some left overs from the last owners - our pockets are empty so we just have to find it second hand and on fleamarkets - and Ikea of course! :)