Melbourne apartment

Photo: Sharyn Cairns

Love this home on the top floor of an old Melbourne, by architect Steven Whiting. More on TheDesignerPad


  1. Wow, this one's gorgeous. Love the grey shades.

  2. love the textures, lovely post x

  3. yes you have the right to love this simple home as it make you feel that you are free of anything and it makes you feel that you are practical depends on the core of things not just the shapes of things

  4. Love the sofa! Does anyone know what is it?

    1. from memory its an Arflex 'strips sofa' very deep and extremely comfortable. We are the architect / interior designers for the apartment (WHITING ARCHITECTS) Photos by the very talented Sharyn Cairns
      glad you like it

  5. The contrasting colors made this place so desirable. It can fit a starting family like mine. I've been searching for an apartment like this, and I really wish to find one as soon as possible. Well, I do hope my broker can help me in my search. Hehe! Anyway, thanks for this post. I'll bookmark your photos for future reference. :)

    Avril Copperfield @ Georgia.ChurchillMortgage.com

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