The Cabin: Picture, Picture on the Wall

Photo: Scandinavian Retreat

As I mentioned we´ll have a photoshoot at the cabin next week. Haven´t decided what to put on the walls just yet, here a few alternatives. A photo by talented Norwegian artist Anja Niemi or one of my lovely framed posters? 


  1. Really tough. I would go with the third if it were my choice. I like the color of the frame and scale in relation to the sideboard. However, the first pic is really nice. Gosh, I can think of reasons I like each one. I'm obsessed with simple line drawings right now, but I love the color of the circle in the second. Are you able to give the photographer the option? I know sometimes they change things around.

    1. Thanks for your reply! I ended up with the first one, the photo, but I gave the photographer the permission to change it all around if she wants to. Thanks again, needed the help I could get.

      Best, Vilde

  2. Hvordan er tregulvet behandlet her?

  3. that lovely cabinet for the hi-fi is wonderful....exactly what I am looking for (still hunting the second hand shops!!)