Australian Architects

Photo: Robert Mills Architects

Still longing for summer, maybe that´s way Australian Robert Mills Architects´ work caught my eye today. These photos are from some of the summer houses they have designed. Go check out heir page for more!


  1. I love the house with the view on the sea. It's beautiful! x

  2. Ever since I found out he designed the space for One Hot Yoga in South Yarra I've been keen to check it out. His office is in my street. If I won the lottery I'd be engaging him to build my dream home. A girl can wish!

    In the meantime I think a mini holiday at Ocean Road, Lorne is on my list of things to do asap.

    1. How cool is that, his office not fare from you. One day I´ll be rich and famous and get him to design my dreamhouse too...

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