7 years to perfection

Photo: Sköna Hem

I´m back after a long summer vacation... We haven´t had time to do much work in our cabin this summer - we have spent time with our little baby girl instead. Good to know this Swedish summer house took 7 year to finish. More here


  1. she's only a baby once, the cabin can wait! :) Happy summer!

  2. Ditto
    ENJOY your bundle of JOY!
    Trevligt Sommer!
    Julie x

  3. The hot tub in the last picture looks really fun! (But it is good to know that the perfect house takes time to complete).

  4. A good house is always evolving, no? I don't think they're ever quite done...

    It sounds like you've had a wonderful vacation, enjoying the little cabin you've put so much love into with your brand new love. :) It makes me happy for you guys.


  5. ahhh...a long Summer vacation, SO nice! the one thing that I love most in the photos - the placement of the Dala Horse in the window in the first photo ~ such a nice and special Swedish touch. OH, and the view isn't so bad either!! :) welcome back, I am enjoying your space.

  6. Just beautiful - and I agree with the other commenters that your little one will only be little for a short time, I'm sure the cabin will still be there.

  7. Hey! They say: A house is never going to be finished before you move out. Take your time - it's for recreation ;-)

  8. really like this! definatly time well spent!

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