Summer house in Skåne 2

I like the bold colours and the open spaces in this Swedish summer house, located in the region of Skåne. It used to be a typical farmhouse, but the house is now opened-up with large windows. Two thirds of the walls and ceilings are removed, to create one large kitchen and living area. The house was featured in Swedish magazine Residence 5/2009 and is designed by LASC studio. Read more here


  1. Den røffe steinvasken var helt skjønn. Kunne gjerne byttet min mot den:) Den knallfargede trappa tror jeg hadde gitt meg daglig sjokk...men så er jeg også en fargepyse.Ha en strålende dag.

  2. Ohmy, it's too beautiful. I like it too much.

  3. how graphic! i love those orange and turquoise shapes.

  4. Gud vad snyggt det är med färgklickar i annars väldigt ren och enkel inredning!


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