Off to Spain, follow me there on instagram

 Photo: scandinavianretreat

We´ve spent 3 great weeks at the cabin, now we´re off to Spain/Costa Brava! I´m not doing much blogging in the holidays - but follow me on instagram,where I try to give you daily updates. My instaname is scandinavianretreat.

See you on instagram!


  1. I am Spanish and I live near the Costa Brava .... you'll love it!

    Good holidays!!!!


  2. wonderful pictures. looks like you had a lovely break! :)

  3. Are you still in Spain? I live in Barcelona and I could give you some tips or show you around if you want! love your blog!

    1. Hi, that would have been so great, but we left Spain on the 2th of August. Can´t wait to go back though, I´ll let you know if we go back any time soon. Thanks for your kind offer - and so glad you´re following my blog :)

  4. Hi! I have just discovered your blog and love your cabin! Could you post a floor plan? It would be great to see how the cabin is laid out. Sini

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