Julie Sandlau´s home

Photo: Hotze Eisma

I saw Sandlau´s home in Elle Interiør a few years ago, and I´m so glad I found it again here. I love the color palette in her calm home. (I have even copied her black picture frames, spray painting old frames from flea markets.)


  1. So soft and soothing. Lovely tones of pale neutrals. Like cotton wool for the eyes.

    Thanks for sharing and hope the bump isn't causing too much tiredness this week.. :)


  2. Beautiful! Love the soft pink couch! :)


  3. Dear Julie: Beautiful surroundings - I like your taste. I really love these Julie Sandlau gold/black tiny heart earrings and necklace match I bought at Holt Renfrew a few years ago and really would like to buy more of the same type of especially the earrings as I've had hundreds of compliments about those earrings. The earrings are the ones you pull through the entire earlobe hole. Wondering if you make any more of those or where I can find more of that kind of style of earrings? I visited your website and don't see that style of earring - would love to buy more ... Many thanks!
    Tambi (a Norwegian fan)