Single Family House in Zurich

Photo: yatzer.com/Valentin Jeck

This unique, three-story residence for a four-member family is located in Zurich, and is designed by AFGH-architects. Bold choice of materials, love the mix and all the light.


  1. what a wonderful space - the raw materials, the volume.. and i also like how each area is separate and distinct, but there is still an overall connection between the spaces..

  2. While I loved some of his houses a few years ago, with time I am realising that they are very little flexible to changing tastes, interiors etc. Once you are tired of looking at bare concrete, you are stuck with it forever. What I find - however - most disputable about his architecture is the radicality and no adaptability what-so-ever to the surroundings that these buildings are placed in (good e.g. http://www.afgh.ch/index241.htm ). Building such weekend-lodge-monsters into classical villages, one understands why the referendum last year passed that is limiting second- or village-residences in Switzerland to a minimum. In this regard, the architect could really learn a lot from his scandinavian colleagues who are able to craft uniqueness but adapt it skillfully to settings, nature etc. ;-))

    1. Thanks for your comment! Monster-buldings are useless to both the environment and the people who are going to live in them. In Norway I´m glad to say we have a lot of strict rules when it comes to building new houses, (though some people seem to get around it and builds huge cabins in the mountains).

  3. That i taken aback when using the exploration everyone intended to get this to selected present astounding. Terrific process!


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