Our upstairs bathroom: Mora Armatur

Photo: Trine Thorsen/Mora Armatur

This is our upstairs bathroom, in connection to the master bedroom.All the faucets in our new house is by Mora Armatur, and I must say we´re really happy with the choice. Before christmas I had a great day with Mora and the lovely photographer Trine Thorsen and stylist Kirsten Visdal, taking pressphotos in our home (I usually don´t shower with my plants...). 

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  1. Wow! Your bathroom looks amazing, so clean and simple. ;)

  2. More of the piano room / dark part of the house! Plllllllllleeeeeaaassseeee!!!!

    1. Haha, I´ll make a blog post with some pics from the dark part, as soon as I get better and have the energy to do it. Needs a little bit tiding up first ;)

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