Lumbrein Residence

Photo: Hurst Song Architect via Fine ting og Sjokolade

Family vacation house in Switzerland, by Hurst Song Architects. Don´t know much more about it I´m afraid, but love the pics!


  1. The wooden walls are fabulous.

  2. When I looked at the photos first, I wondered about the chairs, because they are local design classics, and then I saw that the architect is having his office only a few streets away from us. ;-)))) On there webpage, there is an article about the project: The house is of the mother of the architect, who looked for a vacation house in Italy first and then came across the plot in a spot that she also spent much time in. Today she lives more frequently there, with a room concept of versatile rooms to be able to accomodate 8 grand children when they come visiting her. The design was chosen to resemble older houses in the zone that are dark outside. It is highly energy efficient with an geothermic heating pump that can be controlled remotely, so they can heat up the house in advance before arrival. Very interesting project.

    1. Thanks for the heads up, love to learn more about this project! Thanks again!