Vintage grey

Photo: Johan Sellen

We`re looking for a chair to our home office, would love the leather Eames chair in this first pic... This nice flat, via april and may, is located in Stockholm.


  1. Have you tried the Eames for comfort? Had it as an office share at work for some time and found it rather uncomfy. ;-))

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  6. What a beautiful dining room. Your dining room is gorgeous and your new table is just wonderful! Love your chairs too! You've got a very talented hubby!

  7. danke für die tollen bilder, einen schönen sonntag wünscht angie aus deutschland

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  11. This place looks lovely! Love the contrast of dark and light colours.

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  13. Conocía la zona del estudio y ahora me ha encantado la casa entera!!!

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  19. Really nice apartment. Vintage indeed, with some modern touches. The leather chair in the first photo must be comfortable.

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  21. Love the kitchen, those chairs are dreamy, the old versus new decor style works so well.

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  24. Jag absolut älskar mixen av gammalt och nytt, ser riktigt fräscht ut men ändå inbott och hemtrevligt. Mysigt! :)

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  29. Love these images and the peace and serenity they imply!

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