Our house: Lighting

Photo: Scandinavian Retreat

I´ve said it before, but now we´re so close to moving in to our future home! We´re still not done with all the details, like furniture and lighting. We´ve kept the lamp I got from my grandfather over the dining table, and we have a lot of Artemide Tolomeos, as you can see, but we´re still missing some table lamps. Great lamps are hard to find, but I´ve decided to go for some Habitat lamps I found on Argos lighting, you get them here


  1. Looks so nice. Congrats to your new house!

  2. Super nice! Where did you get your concrete floor?

    1. Hmm... The people that made our house made the concrete floors too, we just decided on the colour and the finish. Sorry if my answer is to no help at all ;)