VELUX Sunlighthouse

 Photo: Adam Mørk / This is a sponsored post

Always on the look out for stuff to the house at the moment. While browsing windows- and blinds company VELUX® I found this amazing home, called the VELUX Sunlighthouse, Austria’s first carbon-neutral single-family house. The home’s roof and other architectural elements take advantage of the sun to ensure maximum daylight and solar energy. It ’s design was the result of a competition between nine up-and-coming Austrian architects, and the winner was Hein-Troy Architekten. In our new house, we´ve tried to use green energy solutions too, but I´m afraid we can´t brag about beeing carbon neutral, just yet!


  1. Love how this house is situated in a lot and atmosphere provided in it. And it was quite famous, here around Alps, a few years ago.
    But I am a bit skeptical about this Carbon neutral, plus and oh-so-on labels. Question is how far back in production we go, to call it carbon neutral...
    Fact is that there is no such house without high-tech solutions. And those might have created far more of it already on production line.

  2. Ready to move homes are getting famous. It is easier to travel and shift . They are affordable too. BBHomes in Canada does a good job in moving and planning the houses.

  3. Truth is that there's absolutely no this kind of home without having high-tech options. And people may have produced much more from it currently upon manufacturing collection.

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