Baby news with Eriksson photos

Photo: Mari Eriksson via eco-stylista

Have a look at this nice Scandinavian home of Swedish photographer Mari Eriksson, discovered through eco-stylista.

I especially like the nursery... I promise I won´t turn this blog into one of those child-interior-blogs, but we´re having a baby this spring (!) - so I´ve started looking for ways to decorate the baby´s room.


  1. congratulations on expecting!! that's just great! yThis house had a great feel to it. I, too, love the nursery. There are so many cute things for kids. Have a look at American House of Nod. And have a great first week of 2010!

  2. Yay! Congratulations!
    Lovely photos.

  3. GRATULERER!!! Så gøy å høre :) Stas å se på barnerom da og å skape et eget - og så kan jammen meg barneromsbilder gi inspirasjon til resten av hjemmet også, så bare kos med litt slikt av og til :)Gleder meg til å følge prosessen!!

    Klem Lycheli

  4. Congratulations!!

    All these images are inspiring and beautiful.

  5. oh, i just found your blog and am in love with your home. and your choices! and congratulations on the baby that is on the way! i am looking forward to seeing how you decorate the baby's room.

  6. I've been retreating to your summer houses, and Sweden, on your blog this past week--what a treat! ( Also, babies need lovely places to live, too-I wouldn't worry about style boundaries shifting a little)

  7. oh yea, i simply discovered your site as well as 'm deeply in love with your house. as well as your options! as well as great job about the infant that's in route! i'm getting excited about viewing the way you enhance the actual baby room.

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