Swedish archipelago house

Photo: Trendir

From Trendir: "Swedish architectural dream team Tham & Videgard Hansson Arkitekter designed the modern Archipelago Home, nestled among the islands near Stockholm, Sweden. This lightweight Scandinavian summer cottage of wood and glass is largely inspired by its location, boasting dark woods and a low-profile form, a strong vertical presence and windows galore to take in the spectacular view. A series of staggered rooms characterize this modern Swedish home, facing the sun in the south and the sea to the west."


  1. Dette er lekkert! Har sett det i noen interiørblader og liker så godt den utradisjonelle formen.
    Det er veldig fint med sprosset overbygg, det gir så utrolig fint skyggespill. Og på forsterkede punkter kan man ha noen hengestoler :)

  2. with Alvar Aalto chairs, awesome!

  3. This is exactly how I imagine the house of my dreams! I love windows because they let light get in so it charges the house with so much positive energy! I also like the woods that surround it and the peace and privacy that I percieve!

  4. Beautiful house, looks so out of the ordinary. love the hallways and the whole setting of the house.